30th Anniversary Conference of the Latvian Society of Restorers

Latvijas Restauratoru biedrība, konference 2014.27.05

This year the Latvian Society of Restorers will be marking its 30th anniversary. To celebrate this significant jubilee, we invite you to join us at the 30th Anniversary Conference of the Latvian Society of Restorers, which will take place on May 16-17, providing an insight into our history, today’s activities and future expectations.

From the original small founding member group of conservators, the society has evolved into a significant organization with a well-established role in preserving Latvia’s cultural heritage.
At the conference we will reflect on our achievements, seek further professional development sources in the conservation field, and will be gaining a perspective on future trends in preserving Latvia’s cultural heritage. During this 30 years period members of Latvian Society of Restorers have been cooperating with our colleagues in Lithuania and Estonia and had become aware of each country applying different approach of moving forward. Therefore, we will be delighted to look back to our common experience and history as well as to share future visions.
For those who are interested in the professional growth, the conference will provide an excellent opportunity to hear guest lectures on outstanding conservation projects of cultural heritage, engagement with the public, as well as requirements of academic education and opportunities of further professional development in conservation in the 21st century from international experts and representatives of Malta Heritage, the University of Gothenburg, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC).

Date of the conference: May 16-17, 2019
Conference languages: Latvian and English (simultaneous translation will be provided)
May 16, 2019: Academic Centre for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia, 1 Jelgavas Street, Riga
May 17, 2019: Rundale Palace Museum, Pilsrundāle, Rundāle municipality

Deadline for registration: April 16, 2019
Online registration: https://goo.gl/forms/dihTONtLNXaiMw672

Draft Programme:

First day (May 16, 2019)
Venue: Academic Centre for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia

The first-day agenda includes three sessions:

Registration and opening of the conference.
Looking back at the work, achievements, training and events of the past 30 years in Latvia, as well as Lithuania and Estonia. Hearing state representative’s perspective on current issues and future plans for ensuring high-quality preservation of cultural heritage.

Representatives of Latvia’s heritage conservation field will report on the accomplishments, current activities, future expectations and plans. We will gain insight into the experience of education, material science, library collections’ and Built Heritage preservation fields.

Insights into professional growth opportunities:
Matthew Grima, a representative of Heritage Malta agency, will give a presentation on a successful heritage preservation structure – science, conservation, education.
Dr. Austin Nevin, Senior Lecturer in Conservation, University of Gothenburg, will give a lecture on education, professional growth and research requirements in the 21th century.
Juergen Vervoorst, FIIC ACR, Treasurer and Council member of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC) and Head of Collection Care at The National Archives UK, will introduce us with IIC and will talk about the opportunities for professional growth, broader experience and cooperation through involvement in an international non-governmental organisation.
Dr. Alessandra Carrieri, a representative of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities of the Italian Republic, will report on current affairs, conservators training opportunities and trends in modern and contemporary art conservation.

A visit to the Latvian Society of Restorers exhibition at the Latvia National Art Museum Riga Bourse. http://www.lnmm.lv/en/mmrb/about_museum/about_museum/

Second day (May 17, 2019)
Venue: Rundāle Palace Museum, Pilsrundāle

Presentations of three outstanding heritage conservation projects in the Baltic states:
Dr.h.c.art. Imants Lancmanis will provide insight on the restoration process of Rundale Palace ensemble, which includes the restoration of buildings and rooms as well as their interior decorations. 
Dr. Hilkka Hiiop, Professor at the Estonian Academy of Arts, will present the internationally acclaimed Rode Altarpiece Research and Conservation Project, which in 2018 won the Keck Award of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works and will introduce us with new project “Christian Ackermann - Tallinn’s Phidias, arrogant and talented”.
UAB Opus Optimum, a conservation company that has earned recognition with several excellent projects, has been delegated to represent Lithuania’s achievements in cultural heritage conservation. Aidonas Valkiūnas will deliver a presentation titled - Influence of different studies on restoration of wall paintings.

After the presentations, participants of the conference will be given a tour of Rundāle Palace and an introduction into the conservation and renovation work done at the palace.

Closing of the conference.

A detailed program of the conference will be made available soon.